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5 Essential Mindset Shifts to Monetizing a Social Media Group

Today I’d like to share some important mindset shifts to monetizing. These shifts are essential to letting go of any festering fears, and getting over the hump so that you can start monetizing.

Do you have a dream of running your own business? Making your passion into something that also pays your bills?

Once you overcome the obstacles in your head, you can move forward and work toward achieving your goals!

Mindset Shift #1: Let go of needing or wanting all of your group members to like you.

Some people like you, some people loooove you, and some people despise you.

As an admin, you may have already gotten over this.

Whatever the case, you need to let go of the need to be liked. When you truly move beyond this need, you are free from any constraints that can hold you back from monetizing.

Mindset Shift #2: Let go of any need for approval by your group members for creating a businesses.

When you achieve letting go of wanting all of your group members to like you, you can easily move on to this next mindset shift, which is letting go of any need for consensus or approval when you decide to create a business out of your group. Your group can still be awesome, even if one of its purposes is paying your bills. You don’t need group members’ approval for monetizing. As long as your group’s quality remains the same, your members will remain!

Mindset Shift #3: You’re the boss, not the servant.

Repeat after me: “I am the boss.” Picture yourself as the boss you’ve always wanted, and then be that person. It’s your group, your rules. Strive to be the best boss ever, but do remember, YOU ARE THE BOSS. While you may serve the community, you might be susceptible to doing so at the expense of your time and energy. This is where getting paid AS THE BOSS comes in!

Mindset Shift #4: You deserve to be paid for your work.

There is nothing wrong with being paid for your work. You created the group to serve a community with a need. It’s the same thing with a business – people create businesses to serve a need. There’s nothing wrong with building a business from your group!

Mindset Shift #5: When you monetize everyone is still winning:

1. YOU: Because you, or a cause you support, are being paid for work you previously did for free.

2. ADVERTISERS: You have given your advertisers the gift of a “pre targeted” group with which to advertise their business. This is truly priceless and so much more efficient than “shot in the dark” social media advertising targeting!

3. GROUP MEMBERS: Members still get every single one of the community benefits of the free group PLUS they get to see businesses – often businesses that are explicitly asked for in the group – that they might be interested in.

4. FACEBOOK: People still go to Facebook and one of their primary reasons is to visit your group. Facebook still gets people spending time on their platform, and they can still put ads in front of those people.

Working on the above mindset shifts will help position you as a group-based business owner!

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