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Worried you’re not ready to uplevel your social media group?

I get it. When I first moved to a monetized social media group, I was worried, too.

The system that I set up, however, ensured that the group was very slowly transitioned to my new platform. I always recommend transitioning with a speed that feels comfortable to you.

You don’t need to do it overnight!

The process that I’ve laid out in my course gives you the option of moving your group from standard to “business-ified” over the course of several hours, days, weeks, or months. You can move at a speed that feels comfortable to you.

It really all starts with your rules. You need to change your rules to:

  1. Reflect any advertising policy changes you plan to make or have already made or and
  2. Indicate to your group that you’re transitioning to, or are now a monetized group.

And once I announced my new business, honestly, about 99% of group members were happy for me. They realized the value of the group – some of them more than I did!

If I had $1 for how many times I heard “you do such a great job, you should get paid!” before I actually did, well… I wouldn’t have needed to build a business at all!

Yes, there were some grumbles, and yes, I had to thicken my skin because there will always be complainers

But you know what’s worse than all of those things?

Me, working for free.

Because, I know, it’s super hard to manage thousands of people. And it’s extra hard when you’re up late dealing with dramatic posts, or you just got a threat from a disgruntled member, or you have 83 reported comments to deal with – and you don’t get compensated for it.

So, yes, it’s a little scary to take the plunge and finally make the switch.

But I’d argue that it’s scarier to stay small, working for the occasional pat on the head.

Still having a tough time?

Check out this article: 5 Essential Mindset Shifts to Monetizing a Social Media Group and then give this quick video a looksie:

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