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Summit of Influence: Melissa chats with Dominique Anders about Facebook groups

“The Summit of Influence Day 4 – OMG. So if you haven’t heard Melissa’s story it’s pretty crazy. I’ll give you the cliff notes.

She lives in a town – population 20k-ish.
She has about 50% of those people IN HER FACEBOOK GROUP – WHAT!?

She’ll be sharing how she grew her popular Facebook group while she was working at Harvard and turned it into a business that – spoiler alert – is now her main job.” – Dominique Anders

About the Summit of Influence:

At the October 2019 2nd Annual Summit of Influence hosted by Dominique Anders, I shared all my tips, tricks and insight on all things Facebook groups – along with the other amazing speakers!

We covered topics including:

  • Leveraging social media to grow your impact (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest &
  • Creating easy, high-end content with a purpose (video and photos)
  • Getting comfortable being in front of the camera
  • Standing out in the crowded online space
  • Creating copy that connects with your audience
  • Monetizing Facebook groups and Pinterest
  • Creating a community that rallies around your work and message
  • Building a consistent visual strategy that becomes your calling card

Watch the video:

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