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How to use keywords to increase sales, boost engagement, and reduce negativity in your group

Facebook allows most group admins to access a feature that sends them notifications when words that they choose are mentioned in posts and comments.

Keyword alerts tell you when members use certain words or phrases in your group.

Keyword alerts can help you, as an admin to:

  • Increase advertising or monetization/ sales
  • Reduce negativity by heading hot-button posts comments off at the pass
  • Boost engagement
  • Keep an eye on approved posts – since the post can be modified once approved!

Here’s how to add keyword alerts:

1. Go to More> Edit Group Settings at the top of the group:
edit group settings

2. Scroll down to Keyword Alerts. Add the keywords you are concerned about. These might be hot-button topics – or they could be something positive that alert you to a possible monetization opportunity.

keyword alert options

When keywords are used by group members:

1. You can see these notifications in your regular notification page or on the group page itself (only admins and moderators will see these – not group members!)

keyword alerts

2. You can then choose your next steps based on the how the keyword is used – Keep, delete, etc.

keyword alert options

Remember, you can always change your Keyword alerts!

Hopefully I will be able to remove “pandemic” from mine, very soon!



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