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Managing your social media group during the COVID-19 pandemic

I’m sharing some of my ideas for managing your Facebook group during COVID-19.

I use my pinned post to help with:

I love this pinned post technique so much, I might use it long term!

  • grabbing members’ attention with a giant eyeball graphic
  • managing posts that were stressful for me and my group members (mask posts!)
  • eliminating repetitive posts
  • adding quick bit.ly links to important posts and resources

I use my group cover photo to help with:

  • grab attention
  • point people to the announcements

I’ve relaxed my rules on:

  • some minor advertising (restaurants! but only in the designated thread)
  • some promotion (free entertainment resources only, and only in the designated thread)

Check out the full how-to video here:

Having trouble viewing the video? Click here.

Add some Fun, Positive & Inspirational Posts:

If you have not already checked it out download my freebie, 30 Days of Fun, Positive, Inspirational Posts for your Social Media Audience, to keep smiles on your group members’ faces during these troubling times.

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