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What kind of Facebook group can be successfully monetized?

My latest a-ha moment about social media groups that are successfully monetized

I have pretty much always taught that any Facebook group can be monetized.

I’ve changed my mind.

You know what made me change it?

This comment, on a post in my group (in reference to other town community groups):

So, first, we can all agree that this guy’s hilarious, right?

town groups viper pits

But second, there is a lesson here.

A group needs to be generally positive and well-moderated in order to for anybody to want to consider advertising.

For those of you who have been following me for a bit, you know that my group is connected to a website – and the website is the where the magic happens. But they work synergistically together. I drive traffic to the website from the group, and I get members to join the group from the website.

If my group is full of negativity… if it is poorly moderated… if people are allowed to attack one another (on social media! what? gasp!), businesses will not want to associate themselves with the group or my connected business.

So, I am revising my thoughts on what kind of group can be monetized. Here are the qualifications:

  1. The group must generally have a positive vibe
  2. The group should ideally be over 5,000 people
  3. Businesses are either permitted to post ads in the group or have tried
  4. The group should be engaged and active, with at least 75% active members, and at least 25 posts/day from a variety of members.

If your group meets the above qualifications, you CAN monetize it.

The first step to monetizing is to do whatever you can to keep the vibe of the group high. Put sensical rules in place and enforce them.

The second step is to make sure ads are not permitted in the group. If you are thinking of monetizing, you need to stop the free ads ASAP.

The third step is to collect email addresses from your group members.

Tell me what you need:

I’m looking for current community group admins who are willing to answer some questions – if you have time for a 15 minute zoom call please sign up at grouptize.com/research AND/OR if you have time for a 5 minute survey, visit grouptize.com/survey. The survey closes November 13, 2020.

Get started for free:

If you’d like to get started with monetizing now, join me for my FREE Master Class where you’ll learn my 8 step strategy for launching a business from a social media group.

Click here to learn more: strategy.grouptize.com/masterclass


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