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6 tips to get members to join your new Facebook group

So you took the plunge and started a new Facebook group – congratulations!

Kudos to you! I know that embarking upon new ventures can be scary. Now, let’s look at some ideas to get members into your group.

1. Add your friends

But… only add friends whom you think will be genuinely interested. For example, if you started a group about picky eater children, don’t send an invite to your childless friends. You’ll annoy your friends and you won’t have quality members because they likely won’t participate in a group that doesn’t really apply to them.

Plus, the Facebook algorithm suggests groups to people who might be interested, based on who is already in your group. So if you invite a lot of people who don’t have children to a picky eater toddler group, Facebook is going to say, “Hey! Let’s suggest this group to more people like that!”

You don’t want this. Only invite friends to groups you think will be relevant to them.

2. If you have an email list, invite your subscribers to join the group.

I know some of you will be reading this and thinking, “SERIOUSLY! ONE THING AT A TIME! I JUST STARTED!”

Don’t panic – you will get there. (Check out this essential article: How to easily collect email addresses from social media group members)

But just in case you are already there, send an email announcing your new group as well as a little bit of info on what they can expect in the group to encourage them to join. And don’t forget to add the link! It is so important to make things easy for people whenever possible.

Don’t make anyone search for your group! Send them a direct link. Not sure what the link is? You can find it at the top of your group when you’re on the main page. Just copy it and include it in your invitation email.

how to find the web address of your facebook group

3. Promote your group on your other social media channels – for example, Instagram, Clubhouse, YouTube, etc.

If you are on any other social media channels, you should invite people to your group from there as well. And don’t do it just once – mention the group regularly!

4. Add an invitation to the group on your website.

If you have a website, add a button or ad, or embed a Facebook group widget to easily get people linked to the new group.

If you are a big time techie, you can add the Facebook Group Plugin for the Web, which adds a button to your web page, which allows anyone to join your Facebook group.

5. Promote in similar Facebook groups.

Join similar groups wherever you think your ideal audience might hang out… mention your group whenever possible in those groups.

Words of wisdom: be careful to make sure you’re following the group rules.

Some groups do not permit any promotion or might only offer promotion options on specific days.

6. Offer incentives for existing members.

Offer a freebie, lead magnet, product, or discount to existing group members who add a friend or friends. You can see when an existing member adds a friend in the Member Request area:

Here is how to see who invited members to your Facebook group. Go to the Admin Tools area on the sidebar (on desktop) and scroll down to Invited by Member. You’ll see a list of people who have been invited by other members.

member requests - how to see who invited members to your facebook group

On each individual person, you can see the name of who invited them. You can DM these people your freebie or offer when you accept the people they’ve invited to your group.

member requests - how to see who invited members to your facebook group



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