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Help! People created a Facebook hate group about me!

So many Facebook admins have been there. A small contingent of people doesn’t like the way we run our group. Maybe they don’t like that we make money from the group. Maybe they accuse of us of censorship. Maybe they have their own ideas for how they think the group should be run.

Maybe they’re jealous that they aren’t in charge the community we have spent countless hours, months, years building.

Sometimes, they go so far as to create a copycat group that they think will be much, much better.

No “censorship!”

No rules!

Free ads for all!

I have two hate groups. They each have a few thousand members.

And they are both seriously So. Lame.

The lamest part is their admins denying that they created the group out of any sort of animosity for me personally. The second lamest part is how completely predictable they are.


Here’s how it always goes:

  1. Some random drama goes down in my group.
  2. I remove some people or otherwise admin in a way that not everybody agrees with.
  3. Those people find one or both of the hate groups, and decry my group or defame me in general.
  4. The usual suspects (people kicked out of my group, often years ago) pile on about how horrible I am.
  5. The conversation dies down and the groups go back to being lame.

Now, I am not saying that seeing thousands of local people (my actual local neighbors) hate on me didn’t hurt.

Man, it hurt.

A lot.

The first time it happened, I sobbed at my kitchen counter for hours. I felt awful for a solid week. And then I felt stupid for letting social media affect me so profoundly.

But… guess what ultimately happened?

One of the groups is all ads and no conversation and the other one is basically a group of trolls that only talk about hot-button topics.

It is awful when somebody creates a hate group, but from my experience, once the new admin realizes just how hard it is to run a quality group, they are unwilling to put the work in and the group sortof fizzles out.

Or – and this is even better and has actually happened to me – they end up instituting the exact same rules they bashed the original group for. No ads, no political talk, and people get kicked out. (ROTFL)

Really, your best bet is to ignore it.

I know this is hard.

So, to help, I am sending you some positive vibes and favorite memes.

Hope these make you smile:

Hang in there.

You’re doing an awesome job!

Please comment below to share your experience with hate or copycat groups:

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