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Why don’t people see my Facebook group’s pinned post every time they visit the group?

Do you get frustrated when your members ignore your post, which has been pinned for ages?

Let me explain why:

As admin, you see your pinned post every time you visit your group.

Did you know your members see something different?

Your members will see your pinned post once. And when they return to the group, that post will be relegated to the “announcements” tab. It’s still there, but it will no longer be the first thing they see.

Notice this courtesy alert from Facebook: Members will only see the most recent unread announcements at the top of a group.

Facebook members will only see announcements once.

Those members who have already seen the post will still be able to reference it again in your group’s announcements tab as well as among other posts in the discussion. As with any post with a lot of comments, the post can still get bumped up in the group discussion.

Within the announcements tab, admins have the option of pinning one particular post to the top of the group’s announcements for all members even if they have already seen the post. So, if you direct people to the announcements tab, you can still pin one to the top, making it the first announcement they see.

Directing members to the Announcements tab:

One way of making sure people regularly read the announcements is to (repeatedly) make members more aware of the group’s announcements tab.

Announcements are still a great way to get important info out that your members can reference any time, but won’t get tired of.

How to remind people of the Announcements tab:

  • Add a line to the bottom of important posts that says something like “you can reference this post again at any time in the group’s Announcements tab, located at the top of the group.”
  • Reference the Announcements tab when welcoming new members in your “welcome” post, guides, or any other regularly scheduled posts, like weekly reviews
  • Bumping the post in the discussion. This is old school, but it works, especially in emergency situations.

How to pin a post:

In case all of this “pinning and announcement” talk is confusing, here’s how to pin a post.

You can pin a post to the top of your group by first marking the post as an announcement (option from the “three dot” menu in the top right of any group post):

how to mark a facebook group post as an announcement

And then select P

how to pin a facebook group announcement

To remove an announcement, you can click on the post’s “three dot” menu and select “remove announcement”

how to remove a Facebook group announcement

To unpin an announcement, click on the post’s “three dot” menu and select “remove announcement”

how to unpin an announcement from the top of a facebook group

Note: Typically announcements are posted in the order in which they were most recently added as announcements.

How are you making your members more aware of the group’s Announcements tab?

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