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Facebook group experts – what are they and why use them?

Do you have some members who are consistently more helpful than others? 

Are there members who you know will respond (so that you don’t need to) with accurate information that another member is seeking?

I bet, as an admin, you can count on both hands (and if you’re lucky, some extra hands) the members who are always helpful in your group.

And, for the record, “helpful” might mean a couple of different things:

  1. They are great at providing relevant, helpful responses to questions
  2. They are well-versed in the group’s purpose and rules
  3. My favorite: they are super supportive of you, the admin.

#3 is my favorite because it’s important to have allies as an admin – especially if you are monetizing your group.

Or, as Facebook puts it…

“Facebook groups are home to subject matter experts covering a breadth of topics. These knowledgeable members often join conversations to answer questions, provide insights, and offer support. We’ve heard from admins how important these members are—their contributions to groups help strengthen trust among the community—and we’re continually looking for ways to make these people stand out.” (Read more about Group Experts here.)

Most admins now have the ability to recognize trusted, well-informed members as group experts using badges, although this is still in testing, so there may be a few bugs (or you might not even have the option yet).

How to make a member a group expert:

(note only admins can do this)

  1. Navigate to the member list:
    how to add a facebook group expert
  2. Scroll down a bit and select Add Experts:
    how to add a facebook group expert
  3. Search for whom you’d like to give the badge to and click Add:
    how to add a facebook group expert
  4. Once you have selected a name, click “Add Expert”:
    how to add a facebook group expert

Group experts will receive a badge, which appears next to their name in the group, making it easier for other members to spot informative or insightful posts and comments, like this one (ha ha!):

Facebook group expert example

Admins can also collaborate with designated group experts to host Q&As, respond to members’ questions, and share perspectives.

Do you have group experts assigned?

Why or why not? Share your insights below!


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