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Facebook tests new method for admins to target ideal new group members

Facebook has introduced (for some groups) a new easy way for admins to target your ideal new Facebook group members based on gender, location, and similar groups.

The only problem is this targeting option keeps popping up and then disappearing as a notification – so you may or may not have it available yet!

Here is what the notification looked like, for me:

Facebook grow group preferences

It would be nice, going forward, for this to be permanent, and possibly with additional targeting options, like interests!

The option is called Grow Group.

The introduction:

“Facebook suggests groups to people who might be interested in joining. You can help us suggest your group to more relevant people by setting preferences.”

First of all, Facebook gives you the option to suggest your group to others. I can see this being pretty handy. Some groups are super-private and admins don’t want them to be uber-searchable… and some groups get so big that admins no longer want to add new members.

Facebook grow group preferences

If you opt to allow your group to be suggested, you can then set preferences including:

  • Age Range
  • Gender Identity
  • Location
  • Members of Other Groups

Age Range

You can set this option to:

  • No preference (all ages)
  • 18-30 years old
  • 31-45 years old
  • 46-64 years old
  • 65 years and older

Facebook grow group preferences

Gender Identity

You can set this option to:

  • No preference (everyone)
  • Women
  • Men

Facebook may want to reconsider adding a gender neutral or non-binary option, because not everybody identifies with Male or Female, and some groups may be looking specifically for gender neutral members.

Facebook grow group preferences


You can set this option to just about any location (and it is not limited to just one, which you can see here), which is very handy if you have a local-ish group.

Facebook grow group preferences

Members of Other Groups

You can choose to target members of other groups, the only caveat being that you yourself must be a member of that group. I appreciate this because as many admins know, there are a lot of copycat groups floating around out there and this could be used to poach members. If the admin(s) of those copycat groups are not members of your group, they could not use this to try to target your members.

What other options would you like to see for targeting new Facebook group members?

Leave your comments below!

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