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Why a side hustle can make your life easier & more financially secure

Remember that time there was a pandemic and some people suddenly lost their incomes while others had figure out how to work two jobs (office + teacher) simultaneously? Still others could still work but supply chain issues with their materials were so messed up, orders piled up, and were on hold seemingly indefinitely – or just flat out canceled.

Man, did that ever suck.

Oh wait, it’s still happening. 😒

Precarious financial situations are no fun, and precarious financial situations with no backup plan are even less fun.

Enter the side hustle.

A side hustle that brings in some extra cash every month can:

✅ Give you a creative money making outlet for your “big idea” or beloved community

✅ Generate extra money for fun extras like vacations!

✅ Let you test out what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, and see if your business has sticking power

✅ Move toward financial independence

✅ Serve as a backup plan in the event of lost income

As many of you know, I was very suddenly laid off in 2016, but thankfully, had already started making money from the website I connected to my Facebook community group – and so the layoff didn’t hurt as badly, financially or mentally, as it could have. (I also never went back to a standard issue office job.)

Are you thinking about your own side hustle?

I highly recommend that you check out Nick Loper’s book, $1,000 100 Ways: How Real People Make Real Money on the Side (and how you can too)!

I was on Nick’s Side Hustle Show podcast (he’s an awesome guy) and I love this book for its inspiration and organized, easily digestible format. You can read short profiles of peoples’ side hustles and see if one might spark your interest!

$1K 100 Ways is your side hustle “sampler platter” — you’ll get a quick profile of 100 different entrepreneurs to see:

  • How they got their side hustle idea
  • How much it cost to start
  • How they found their initial traction or customers
  • Their favorite marketing strategies
  • How long it took to reach $1000 in profit
  • Their mistakes along the way
  • and more!

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission if you use the link. You are not charged any additional money, but I might get to spend my commission at the big gum ball machine!

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