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Help! I want to give a member Group Expert status but Facebook won’t let me!

Last week, I blogged about how you can reward your members with Group Expert status, which is super handy for rewarding members who:

  • Are truly experts on group topics and give valuable advice and information.
  • Always have your back as an admin. You know those people who always defend you, your policies, etc.? They might be great candidates for group experts.
  • You are testing out for giving them moderator or admin status – or as a way for them to eventually work their way up to that status.

While I was testing out the feature, I noticed there were two people whom I wanted to make experts, but  just could not. The “Add as group expert” option didn’t even show up for them:

Facebook groups: how to add a group expert

I thought at first it was a bug, but then I remembered that these people have very strong personalities, especially on Facebook, and not everybody likes them…

So I did a little bit of digging and found out why:

Members who have received more than 3 Community Standards violations or 2 misinformation violations across Facebook within the past 90 days can’t be made experts.

If you are having trouble making somebody an expert, this might be way. Of course, it could also be a glitch which you should report to Facebook Support.

What do you use Group Expert status for in your group?

Let us know in the comments!

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