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Rewarding your best FB group members with Group Expert status

Did you know you can reward your members with Group Expert status?

I have been trying to get “group experts” to work in my Facebook community group for a while now. It has been bit buggy – and still is – but I recently found an alternative way to do it – with no bugs!

Here’s how to add a group member as an expert:

1. Go to the members section of your group. I used a computer as opposed to my phone.

Facebook groups: how to add a group expert

2. Select the person you’d like to make a group expert. Click the three dots next to their name and click on Add as Group Expert:

Facebook groups: how to add a group expert

3. You will get a confirmation to make sure you want to add that person as an expert. Click Add Expert to confirm:

Facebook groups: how to add a group expert

4. The member will then need to accept the invite to be an expert.

5. While still in the Members area, you can see a list of people who are confirmed experts, as well as people who have been sent the invitation but have not yet confirmed:

6. Your members will then have a group expert label below their name in the group, indicating they are group experts!

Facebook groups: how to add a group expert

Why would you want to add experts?

  • They are truly experts on group topics and give valuable advice and information.
  • In some groups, members will “only accept the admin’s” info and no alternatives, which can put a lot of pressure on admins. This is a great way to let members know that there are other knowledgable folks in the group.
  • They always have your back as an admin. You know those people who always defend you, your policies, etc.? They might be great candidates for group experts.
  • It’s a great alternative to giving them moderator or admin status – or as a way for them to eventually work their way up to that status.

What do you use Group Expert status for in your group?

Let us know in the comments!

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