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SiteGround is my WordPress web host and here is why:

I love SiteGround for my WordPress website host and they definitely deserve this positive review!

I have all of my websites hosted with SiteGround.

I hosted my websites on a very popular, highly-advertised web host, known as GoDaddy for the first few years of my business. GoDaddy was slick and made it super easy, but their consistency and customer service were severely lacking.

One day, one of GoDaddy’s servers went down and I lost two weeks worth of content from my website. When you have a site that pumps out daily content, two weeks of content gone is A LOT of lost stuff. 

I had some pretty unhappy customers, too.

Web Hosting

GoDaddy tried to help but after hours on the phone and chat, I didn’t get my data back. For this reason, I also always recommend keeping your own website backups with a plugin like BackUp Buddy or UpDraftPlus. 

Once I switched over to SiteGround, I also found their customer service representatives to be infinitely more helpful – they helped me with issues that GoDaddy would have charged me a premium fee for.

I find this willingness to troubleshoot incredibly refreshing. SiteGround also generally has really short chat times.

I know that when I chat with the folks at Siteground, I’m going to have a solution in place – and quickly. 

When you build your website, you’ll need two things to get started:

  1. A domain name – this is the “address” for the website, so for example, www.grouptize.com or www.nytimes.com are both domain names.
  2. A host – this is the “house” where the website lives. You need a house for your website, and the house is called the “host.” I always recommend WordPress for my websites, so make sure your host supports WordPress. (SiteGround does.)

Lots of website services offer packages, where you might get the first year of the domain name free, along with hosting.

However, if you’re not quite ready to build your website yet, you can always reserve the domain name first and add hosting later.

My advice is to reserve the domain name at the SAME place where you intend to host the site.

This will make things a bit easier later.

Even if there are cheaper domain name reservation offers elsewhere, this is still my advice since saving $10 just isn’t worth it!

Definitely reserve the domain name as soon as you can.

It’s a real pain when you can’t get the domain name that you want – so my advice is to grab it as soon as you can and to do so through SiteGround.

What website advice do you have?

Please share your tips in the comments!

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