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Announcements will now be notified to Facebook group members

Ever mark a post as an announcement, anticipating pretty much nobody will see it?

Yeah, me, too.

Announcements have been a bit “moot” lately for me since they seem to be almost wholly ignored.

Well here’s some good news – this is going to change!

Facebook recently announced (see what I did there?) that group announcements will now be notified to members. This enhancement will be rolling out to all groups in the coming weeks.

An enhancement to Facebook group announcements will now trigger a special notification to group members to help increase the reach of the announcement post.

So, whereas before, a post went out and an admin opted to pin it as an announcement, now when a post goes out, an additional notification alerts group members when that post has been pinned as an announcement.

How to mark a post as announcement.

1. Click on the three dots on the top right of the post.

select three dots at top of post to mark announcement

2. To mark an announcement, simply select Mark as announcement:

facebook group - select mark as announcement from menu

3. To remove the announcement, simply select Remove announcement. (Note, the post will stay in the group, it just won’t be an announcement any more.)

facebook group - select remove announcement from menu

While this change will help more people become aware that a group admin has made an announcement, just like any other Facebook notification, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will see and view the notification sent. So, you’ll still want to make your announcement stand out as much as possible.

What attributes make an announcement stand out to your group members?

Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments!

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