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Facebook weirdness: you can only mark a post as “featured” from a personal profile

Are you having trouble marking a post as “featured” (formerly “mark as announcement”) in your Facebook group?

Yeah, so was I.

This is what my post menu options looked like after I posted as a page. No “feature” option!

Facebook posting options as an admin page

And as with lots of Facebook weirdness, I had to sleuth a bit to figure it out for myself.

I like to make posts as the page on occasion, as opposed to using my personal profile.

And once I make the post, I often will pin it as a featured article.

But I’ve been having trouble doing this.

As it turns out, even if a page is an admin, that page cannot mark a post as featured.

You have to post as the page, and then toggle to your personal Facebook profile, and then – and only then – can you mark the post as an announcement.

Facebook menu options when I toggle to my personal profile:

Facebook posting options as an admin page

Okay, whatever Facebook weirdos.

Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know about – because you haven’t lost your ability to pin a post. You just have to do it as a human and not a page.

Any other Facebook weirdness you’ve noticed lately?

Share it with us in the comments!

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