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How to use Facebook group insights to demonstrate your group’s viability

Have you ever wondered how you can see fun and interesting engagement stats in your Facebook group?

Hint: these are really great if you allow any sort of advertising in your group.

Facebook offers lots of interesting information about growth and engagement in its Insights section.

Using insights, you can easily find out:

  • How much your group has grown over a designated period of time
  • What percentage of your members are active
  • Top posts in the group during a designated period of time
  • Most popular days
  • Most popular times, by day
  • Most active members
  • + more!

This information is useful for:

  • Demonstrating to potential advertisers how active your group is
  • Using best days/times to post content you want to make sure is seen
  • Rewarding active group members with recognition
  • Geeking out on stats because it’s fun!

Here’s your quick tour of Insights:

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