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How to set up a new member intro popup in your Facebook group

Have you seen that cool “welcome” pop-up with group rules when you join a new Facebook group?

It shows up the very first time you visit a new group you have joined, after you’ve been approved for membership.

You read the message, and if required, agree to the rules, and then close the message. It’s an opportunity for admins to get important information in front of new members who don’t always read the rules or information about the group.

Right now, it only shows up once.

The first time I saw it, I was like – I WANT THAT!


Because 1) it’s a pop-up that they have to manually close… and 2) they have to agree to your rules before closing it (if you require them, to, which you should!)

It looks a lot like this:

example facebook group new member intro

You can add one to your group in just minutes.

Here is a quick video to get your New Member Intro set up in just minutes:

As with all things Facebook, there is a chance you don’t have access to this feature yet. You may also find that you have it one day, but not the next, which, frustratingly, happened to me after I created this video!

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