Affiliates wanted!

My course, which is periodically launched for students, is called “Transforming your Social Media Group” and I designed it for social media group admins who want to build something more from their group but just don’t know where to begin.

😨This was exactly where I was in 2015. I had this huge group of locals. It is ubiquitous, a go-to for this crew. People were always trying to advertise in the group – and I even got offers from people group to them! 💰

🤩I KNEW it had so much value but I wasn’t sure how to make money from it… so I worked (A LOT) and honed (A LOT) and figured out a system that works for me: I get to serve my group, serve businesses who are looking for customers AND make a living. All of this from connecting the group to a website and an email list – with lots of strategy and no gimmicky garbage. 🤯

Are you a blogger, influencer, podcaster, social media guru, or do you have audience who might be interested in this?

I offer a generous affiliate commission for all sales that you generate! 💵Interested? Fill out this quick form and let’s chat!

I can’t wait to work with you!


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